Ebara Corporation

Industry :  Heavy/Facility Industry

Slogan :  Extensive contribution to society by providing superior technologies and services related to water, air, and environment

Website :  http://www.ebara.co.jp/en/

Founded in 1912, Ebara Corporation has grown to become one of the world’s principal manufacturers of industrial machinery, with fluid machinery and systems as its original business. The Ebara Group today has three principal businesses: Fluid Machinery & Systems, Environmental Engineering, and Precision Machinery.

( Change of name for our Vietnamese affiliate )

  • 11-1, Haneda Asahi-cho
  • Ota-ku
  • Tokyo
  • +81-3-3743-6111 (Switchboard)
  •  webmaster@ebara.com
  • Toichi Maeda, President and Representative Director


1912: Inokuchi Type Machinery Office founded
1920: Ebara Corporation established
1938: New plant built in Haneda
(The head office and manufacturing operations shifted from Shinagawa to the new facility in Haneda).
1956: Ebara-Infilco Co., Ltd., established
(A 50-50 joint venture between Ebara Corporation and Infilco Inc., of the United States, was set up to manufacture water treatment equipment).
1964: Bangkok Office opened Ebara’s first post-WWII overseas sales office
1965: Fujisawa Plant opened
(The first facility in Japan to mass-produce standard pumps, it took over the production of chillers from the Haneda Plant).
1975: Ebara Industrias Mecanicas e Comercio Ltda.established in Brazil.EBARA’s first overseas production facility
Sodegaura Plant opened
To manufacture mainly compressors and turbines
1981: Ebara International Corporation established in the United States
(Pump business base in North America)
1987: No.1 precision machining facility established at Fujisawa Plant
Vacuum equipment production for the semiconductor manufacturing industry commenced
1989: Ebara Italia S.p.A. established
1994: Company merged with Ebara-Infilco
1995: Ebara Hai Duong Company Ltd., established
(A 70-30 joint venture between Ebara Corporation and Machinery and Industrial Equipment Corporation, of the Vietnam)
2000: New Elliot Corporation became a wholly owned subsidiary
For expansion of compressors and turbines business
2009: Ebara integrates its water treatment plant businesses into Ebara Engineering Service Co., Ltd., and its environmental plant businesses into Ebara Environmental Plant Co., Ltd.
2010: The Haneda Plant moves to the newly constructed Futtsu Plant (Chiba, Japan).
2012: Ebara marked the 100th anniversary of its founding as pump manufacturer.

Major Projects / Products / Services

Fluid Machinery & Systems Business:
Pumps, funs, blowers, compressors, turbines, chillers

Environmental Engineering Business:
Municipal waste processing plants and industrial waste incineration plants
(Swing Corporation, which is three-company joint venture between Ebara Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation and JGC Corporation, is in charge of water treatment business)

Precision Machinery Business
Vacuum pumps, CMP systems, Plating systems and other machinery and equipment used in the semiconductor industry